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  • Post-Raspberry

    I have nothing against raspberries.  Though in an HBR article from exactly a decade ago, my life temporarily was all about that color.  It explored the democratization of innovation in healthcare and on innovative approaches that drove breakthroughs in thinking and value. Back then, I would jump into my raspberry-colored scrubs to explore hospital environments […]

  • #Healthcare, #FineArt and #Hockey

    As a part of the InnovationLearningNetwork.Org InPerson Meeting in Los Angles this week, attendees split into a dozen groups and were set loose to hunt for insight and inspiration. My team and I found it at the Getty Museum exploring the evolving museum industry and its future. It was remarkable how similar its challenges are […]

  • #Innovation with Information Technology in #Healthcare

    #Innovation with Information Technology in #Healthcare

    I am thrilled to announce our book’s release.  You can order it here: Hardcopy or Kindle   From Chapter 1 of “Innovation with Information Technology in Healthcare” by Lyle Berkowitz and Chris McCarthy: “Let’s face it, most of our healthcare clinical processes are so last century. However, a revolution is brewing. More and more providers are slipping […]