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  • Don’t Forget the Humans

    Last fall, my partner in crime, Christi Zuber and I had the opportunity to present on why we think human-centered design is so important…and so huge for healthcare. In an amazing event designed by Adaptive Path, UX Week took many of us on a journey of exploration, from comics to starships and behavior to dancing. […]

  • Innovator’s Insights

    For this week’s blog I want to simply share the Innovation Learning Network’s Annual Insights. Each year the ILN packages up the coolest techniques, workshops, explorations and ponderings to share with the public. It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of mixing 20 healthcare organizations, foundations and design firms. This year you will find: • […]

  • An Innovation Team Looks Like….

    “I’m starting to build my innovation team, and I’m trying to figure out what type of roles that should be on it?” “What characteristics do you look for when building a design team?” “What type of degrees do I hire to ensure innovation success?” I hear these questions monthly; both from business leaders from around […]

  • Hello Soup!

    “Hello!” we called out in Vietnamese biking through the countryside. Over and over again….shop owners would wave, children would giggle and shout back. And many would have a good belly laugh at the foreigners peddling through their town. As least that is what we thought. Turns out that we weren’t cheerfully greeting folks with “hello!”, […]

  • The Rise of Service Design

    This title is a rip off of a panel I was on a month ago hosted by AIGA-SF; and seriously I could not think of a better title. All indicators are indeed pointing to its rise. It seems every design firm is retooling to offer it, entire consultancies are built around it, and everyone is […]

  • I Kept My Pregnant Teenager Home

    I had the incredible opportunity last week to participate in a poverty immersion. With so many uninsured and underinsured getting ready to enter the healthcare world in just a few years, the simulation was a chance for those providing healthcare to gain a better sense of their lives. It by no means could ever replicate […]

  • Hygge, Innovation, and a Good Glass of Wine

        The Innovation Learning Network made the gossip columns and I couldn’t be prouder.  The “gossiper” grabbed a hilarious quote from a great collaborator, Kevin Colin of Via Christi Health (  Another article spends the first three paragraphs describing the space and environment followed by the same quote ( What both of these reporters […]

  • Raspberry Scrubs

    I have to thank Lew McCreary, author of the Harvard Business Review Sept 2010 article “Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation on Front Lines”, for the surge in emails subjected “raspberry scrubs”.  For the record they are “merlot”…and you can find photos here.  So many people have asked me, “really?” And yes, really. Lets be clear here.  I […]