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  • In Praise of Wandering and Wondering

    In July 2021, the fog cleared. After nearly five years at Hopelab, my mission was near completion –  baking in a more transparent approach to innovation, launching an in-house design group, and tackling challenges facing queer teens. The intensity of the pandemic and the clarity of racial injustice sharpened by George Floyd’s murder, set up […]

  • Goodnight ILN

    Summing up the fifteen years of an organization is impossible, as impossible as knowing the ILN is coming to an end. But it is some of our first lessons (way back in 2005) that fuels our elegant, future-forward ending.  The concepts of the innovation lifecycle and creative destruction have taken center stage.  The innovation lifecycle […]

  • Post-Raspberry

    I have nothing against raspberries.  Though in an HBR article from exactly a decade ago, my life temporarily was all about that color.  It explored the democratization of innovation in healthcare and on innovative approaches that drove breakthroughs in thinking and value. Back then, I would jump into my raspberry-colored scrubs to explore hospital environments […]

  • Getting to Transformation

    At least a few times a year I am asked by a senior healthcare leader, “How can I systematize innovation?”.  And while I’ve been privileged to lead and execute innovation at Kaiser Permanente, Hopelab, and the Innovation Learning Network, never I have been able to articulate as thoroughly as the WISH 2018 Design in Health […]

  • Complementary Missions

    Last week (Sept 26) I was part of a Denver StartUp Week panel featuring the collaboration of Hopelab and Grit Digital Health. Expecting 50 attendees, the afternoon sizzled with over five times that. Many questions illuminated a fascination that a startup and a foundation would find common ground to partner. Below is a quasi-recap and additional pondering on […]

  • The Power of the Innovation Mindsets

    Innovation often has a focus on tools, techniques and approaches. And while these are important building blocks, there are more nuanced ones that accelerate the path to impact. One of these is the innovation mindset.  While we all have a “natural” mindset that is ours and ours alone, while it may be perfect for some […]

  • The Three Pillars

    Originally published on the UK Improvement Alliance blog What would an “innovation learning network” for healthcare look like?  Coming off of two successful years of co-launching an internal innovation group at Kaiser Permanente in 2005, it was time to build and connect to a larger community, and it was clear that to be successful, the […]

  • (Some) Takeaways on Innovation Capability Building

    It comes down to the human experience, passion and real needs. My three takeaways from an evening conversation between Edward Boudrot of Optum, Adam Dole of Better and myself of KP’s Innovation Consultancy/ILN hosted by Continuum’s Augusta Meill in Boston on June 2. (See Continuum’s Summary of the event here.) Impressive was Edward’s exploration of people […]

  • Go For No!

    There* was a palpable change in the room. The previous hour ILNers were transfixed in the School for Health & Care Radicals, exploring the differences between rebels and troublemakers. The discussion was fascinating: rebels have a natural energy of change, a “what can we do together?” attitude, and a greater good perspective. The troublemaker on the […]

  • An Americanized British Import

    It was just over two years ago (in Dec 2012) that I heard that employees were pledging to make healthcare better. At the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Forum in Orlando, Helen Bevan of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) talked about being a healthcare radical. She shared that employees all over the NHS were committing […]