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  1. Chris,
    We met at a workshop that you conducted in Minneapolis in April of 2011. At that time, I worked at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota where my boss and I were using design thinking towards policy issues such as education and health policy. I am now a graduate student at American University in Washington DC and I am interested in design thinking for international conflict resolution (my area of concentration is the Middle East). I am at the School of International Service and there are faculty members here who are also intrigued by this idea. Is there a possibility of connecting to get some advice from you about moving this idea forward?



  2. Healthcare, particularly the hospitals, is likely the most resistart industry for innovation. I see you had a posting on Bevan’s presentation about organizational radicals. In hospitals we are burned at the stake. We are labeled incompetent, insubordinate, trouble makers. Often are employement is prematurely ended.

    Its very sad that not only among these possible innovators that leave but there are also innovators among the silenced majority that remains. The elephant in the room is that toxic manager behavior is behind much of the loss of ideas. The managers operate with impunity.

    I am trying to get the discussion going on competencies and standards that would provide accountability. For years the professional organizations have resisted because many among their ranks would fall in the catagory of toxic bosses. In the last few weeks I’ve had three national leaders indicate interest in “lifting up” these ideas. Among the framework for discussion are workplace bullying, nursing ethics and high reliability organizations.

    John Kauchick, RN, BSN


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