Hygge, Innovation, and a Good Glass of Wine


Getting cozy and real at the ILN Wichita InPerson Meeting


The Innovation Learning Network made the gossip columns and I couldn’t be prouder.  The “gossiper” grabbed a hilarious quote from a great collaborator, Kevin Colin of Via Christi Health (http://bit.ly/9tECXK).  Another article spends the first three paragraphs describing the space and environment followed by the same quote (http://t.co/R2lTbm8). What both of these reporters picked up on was the relaxed atmosphere that was created for these two collaborators to candidly share their experiences.  This “atmosphere” is called hygge pronounced (hyoo-ga) and it was very intentional.

Hygge is Danish.  I stumbled on it while completing my MBA at Copenhagen Business School.  The city of Copenhagen oozes with hygge.  The best I can describe it is warm, cozy, comfy and content. The official Danish tourist website spends 14 paragraphs trying to explain it.  Suffice to say it doesn’t really translate into English.

I use hygge for re-imagining how healthcare should be.  I use hygge to create both my work and home environments.  I use hygge to welcome co-workers and friends into experiences. I use hygge when I cook and entertain. And I ALWAYS use hygge when constructing the semi-annual Innovation Learning Network  InPerson Meeting where these two collaborators gave us that newspaper worthy “fireside” chat.

Wanna give hygge a try?

Pull some cozy chairs together, gather a few people that you are fascinated by, dim the lights, light 5 candles randomly placed, and uncork a good bottle of red wine.  Finally take a deep breath….smile. And feel the hygge.

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